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  • 2020-05-15
    To be honest I didn't use these in a bulking cycle- I used in an attempted calorie deficit with Test 250mg a week and Deca at 200mg a week. THis works for me as i retain full muscle bellies and seems to hugely help my joints (far more than Deca does). Also decent Anadrol seems to always take away any aches and pains better than Ibuprofen. Maybe it's psychosomatic but it works for me. I started on 100mg a day and planned for 4 weeks, but instead I ran out the whole supply instead. 50 days I know is more than commonly accepted but i did run several Liver supps. I stayed at around 16 stone, which surprised me as I was apparently eating some 300-500 calories less a day. I didn't make great strength gains but did find reps much easier, but i did recomp to some degree- body-shape changed, particularly around shoulders as i moved from 3-8 reps on shoulder presses, and retained 6 pack. Aandroxyl is my favourite compound by far as can use on diet and on bulk.If anything is missing it's largely due to poor memory- recently had ruptured Biceps Tendon injury which has meant I could type properly- first day back last night following morning appointment yesterday with physio. May well look to get more Anadrol when training gets more serious than the child's weight I can move currently
  • 2017-11-14
    Hi I would like to know what is the best dose to use for a-bombs and it is better to take it on an empty stomach or with food? I am on my fourth day and I have noticed an increase in strength especially in my squats yesterday when I squatted 300 kilos for 5 reps and this was the last set of 5. So please tell me how this worked for you, thank you.
  • 2015-06-19
    Very good prices, very good service, fast delivery. THANKS. do business again with you!

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