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    boldenone99 Just top notch as usual.
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    So effective
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    I purchased this product to dry my muscles before a show. This product did just that in a week. I highly BOV!
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    Good ai
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    Nothing comes anything close to BOV. I have tried several other brands, but I can genuinely say this is the most potent I have ever experienced. The results are not only meeting my expectations, but exceeding them to the point where I have had to wear larger clothing to hide the ridiculous progress. As long as this company keeps such a high standard in quality, I will purchase nothing else. Keep it up BOV.
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    ran the Test C at 500mg/wk, by week 4 I noticed water retention around the mid section. I upped my Adex from 1mg to 2mg a week. By week 6 bloat started to minimize and was almost gone by week 7. Had lab tests done at the end of week 6. I took 1mg of Adex prior to my test, estradiol was in range at 23 (< or =29). I made a mistake and ordered a testosterone test that was capped at >3K, I estimate I was around 3500-4000 ng/dl.
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    Used at 500mg per week, very good quality test, very light, clear oil and very smooth and thin, can't remember last time I used an oil that flowed so easily. Got good results did what you'd expect this dose of test to do, made me full and hungry and strong, some water retention which a bit of adex sorted out quickly.
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    BOV Testosterone Cypionate. I'm a TRT guy, and this is my 2nd order. BOV is actually smoother than the pharmacy products I used for years.
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    Great experience overall. I won't use another source again!
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    Nothing broken, discrete packaging, direct to my door with no issues. International delivery with a two business week lead time. Couldn’t ask for much better service.
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    This has been a long over due post so 1st I apologize, but life gets in the way. I love these guys always top notch when it comes to quality, service, and professionalism
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    There's a reason why these guys are up near the top. Their gear is just that good. Quite possibly the best. I ordered Trenbo A 100 x6. Now I've never gotten terrible sides alot of people speak of when it comes to Tren. The only side I get with it is the sweats. I sweat like a pig. But for some reason i was not even getting that with this tren which got me worried. But just like that Bam this shit went into high gear and still no sides. I took 100mg eod and after the 3rd shot I felt superhuman. My strength was through the roof after the 3rd week going eod I set personal bests in bench and deadlift. After 6 weeks I had so many veins popping it didn't look human. So for strength and vasculinity this is def a go to.
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    Decan 150( npp) sust 350 and winstrol.. I ran these items as an old school type cutting/ lean mass gaining cycle. I ran 1.5ml sust per week pinning, .5ml Monday wendesday and friday along with 1ml npp every Monday Wednesday n Friday totaling 3mls npp (450mg) per week pinning half a ml of sust with each ml of npp.. I also took 50mg winny daily . The combination was awesome. Got great strength gains and joints felt like butter after 2 weeks. The drying out effects of the winstrol were counter balanced from the npp I believe and the test did its job for sure.......gained about 4 to 5 lbs over 8 weeks.....
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    I recommend shopping here!
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    Has helped me to at size and strength quickly and with no issues. 30mg per day for 4 weeks
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    Absolutely the best all a round injectable for low T. Great increase in stamina and dont tire so easily. Awesome libido, sometimes a little to much libido, well ask her and she will tell you. Going on 49 years old and feeling 18 again.
    Service: 👍👍👍
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    Product stength is what its says it is very legit
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    Ok, here is my honest review: Felt like a bull in the gym. Bloated and horny everywhere else 🙂 The pumps I got during the first 3 weeks were really almost better then sex. Side effects were terrible shin splits and lower back pain. Would I do dbol again? Anytime
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    I have ordered from this site before and had no problems.
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