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    Hi, i am wanting to start steroids for the first time and have been recommended anavar as a starter before heading into other products. I want to start on 50mg per day for the first 2 weeks then working up to 80 mg per day by week 6-8. can you gain weight with proper diet also as i want to get leaner but not decrease size (if anything i would rather get a little bigger). any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated as there is so much info out there. cheers.
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    hands down the best test prop i have ever used, and i've used it for a year. was doing 150mg EOD and my lab test came back at 2800 total test !!
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    this is my second time placeing and order here and this time i recieved it in 20 days and did i mention the products work greaaaaaaat!!! thanks looking forward to many more orders!!!!!!
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    Great generic Indian clomid. I have used this and other india. Generics to pct from 3 different cycles now and plan on using the same product again. I am currently on cycle right now and will be doing my pct in Sptember. I already have a lot of this on hand as I like to order enough for at least 2 cycles at a time since it has a two year shelf life. I will be running this very product again as I have before and have never and issues or problems to report. Only a positive review for the source.
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    Love this stuff always makes me feel great lots of power when lifting. I always gain 15 to 20 lbs when I'm on this stuff. I personally feel Bonvari has some of the best products around
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    That's real nice! :-)
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    Sounds great Bro,
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    Well the dbol is the best ive ever used you feel it that day ive had other dbol and took 3days usely before i felt anything but this stuff is very strong pumps will kill you (its a good thing) lol
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