How to get free sample

A. Free samples include two kinds

1. Unconditionally free samples, you can get our free samples even though you don’t place any orders but you have to pay the freight.

2. You can get our free samples if you buy a certain amount of goods.  

B. How to get free samples

You need to put the free samples or your required products which you want to buy into shopping cart and pay for the freight or the certain amount of products, then we will arrange shipping for you.  

C. Exception Clause About the reshipment

We have the right to refuse to reship if it’s not our responsibility.

 Orders may not arrive due to custom seizure or it could be lost in the mail. If the package is lost in the mail we need to give it some days past the expected date to consider it lost and reship. In case the package is seized by customs, please send us the seizure letter from customs or FDA at, and we guarantee to reship it for free. Please be advised that: We reship only once.